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Medford is a community in the southwest part of the Town of Brookhaven. It is served by the Patchogue-Medford School district, except for the extreme southeastern Medford, which is served by the South Country Central School District, and extreme northeastern Medford, which is served by the Longwood Central School District.

The Long Island Rail Road established the Medford Station in 1843 in a flat wilderness in the Long Island Central Pine Barrens. The stationc onnected Patchogue Stage Road between Patchogue and Port Jefferson, and a postoffice was established. In 1850, the LIRR auctions the land around the station. The O.L.Schwenke Land & Investment Co. bought 4 square miles and then subdivided the land into 25-by-100 foot lots which sold for $10 to $75. The land remained poor for farming. According to legend, in a marketing attempt, a mock factory with a phony roof was built near the tracks, and when a train neared,tar paper was burned to give the impression that a booming industry existed in the community. In 1907 the LIRR established the Medford Prosperity Farm to show that crops could be raised in the Pine Barrens.

Fun Fact: Theodore Roosevelt visited the station in August 1910. As the car drove across a trail between Medfordand Wading River, it got stuck in the mud and Roosevelt was said to take a "flying leap??? to get out! Despite this slow start, Medford is a lovely town with a booming economy. Come find out what makes Medford so special for yourself!

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